Dogs are either brought to us, or we are made aware of dogs in need. We do all we can to help them get back to health and making them feel safe and loved.

Most animals come to us from the street. People contact us through messages or phone, quite often we are alerted to an animal local to us via our Facebook page and we go to help.

If you have found a dog in need of our help, please click here

Below are some photos of dogs that we have had reported to us that were in distress. Most dogs we find are in a terrible physical state, malnourished and so scared.

We have many ways of gaining their trust and making the rescue as calm as possible for the dogs. We assess and triage what condition each dog is in before attempting to help them. Once secure, we carry out another triage to establish if the dog needs urgent medical attention by a vet or if we can take it straight back to One Love.

Once back at the rescue centre the dogs are thoroughly assessed and a personalised care plan is made for their recovery. This even includes details of whether to/how to mix it with the other dogs at One Love or to put them into a foster home.

Each dogs recovery plan will involve its food and drink, if necessary its medication or treatment from the vet, only when the dog is strong enough do we then start looking for its forever home.

If you are interested in being that forever home, please click here for more information.

If you live locally in Crete, and would be interested in being a foster home for short says, please click here

Below are some examples of the conditions and situations that we have found dogs in:

  • A bag of puppies hung on a road sign in a country lane in the boiling Cretan weather.

  • Tied up in a field, left to die.

  • A mother and her puppies thrown over the fence at night into our yard.

  • A bucket of puppies left on our doorstep.

  • Many abandoned dogs at the side of mountain roads where they have been dumped and left to die.

  • An ex-police dog blinded and left to die.