What is One Love Rescue?...


Nestling in the olive groves of Crete is a very special place where lonely stray or discarded dogs can once again feel safe. Protected from the scorching Mediterranean sun by the branches of the olive trees and protected from the cruel life many of them have led.

A place where they can come and recover their health and quality of life from whatever they have experienced, be fed, be looked after, be cared for and most of all, be LOVED... that place is One Love Rescue, Crete.

We care for all, feed all, love all and do all we can to give these beautiful animals a new life, and do al we can to find them their forever home.

Whether you can adopt and re-home one of these beautiful souls or donate to help us feed and care for them, all help is welcome.

You can do something big or something small. Because whatever you do is better than nothing at all.

The best dogs are rescue dogs.

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