One Love relies purely on donations and volunteers!

Did you know?...

Our dogs eat around €400 of dog food per month!

Our handful of dedicated volunteers not only carry out emergency rescues to respond to sightings of dogs in danger, nurse dogs back to health, clean, feed and look after all of the dogs but they also liaise with potential adopters and, from scratch, arrange the adoptions and transport for all adopted animals.

They also carry out all fundraising to keep the rescue centre running.

We need YOUR help!

A message from our founder, Vicky:

Dear friends,

We hope that from our fundraisers we can clear most of our vet bills and stock up on dog food for the next few months to keep their bellies full. Also, cover daily costs like fuel usage, etc. As we all know, unfortunately there is no money tree that grows and provides for us in life. The facts are that the dogs still need feeding, they still need veterinary care, surgeries and neutering, etc. It costs money in fuel for all the back and forth vet visits that we do. There is only so high we can allow our bills to be before we realise that it's simply not working. We would be really greatful to welcome more monthly donators. Or maybe for some people, a one off donation suits them better? Help us help them to start with a clean slate next year please so we can keep things running as smooth as possible for the dogs sake.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

I want to help out!... How can I donate?

There are three ways you can donate to us: via PayPal, Bank transfer or through our GoFundMe!

Click the image below for a step-by-step on how to donate via any of the methods...

Check out the One Love Shop!...

You can also choose specific items or packages from our shop and donate the suggested amount for each item!

100% of all donations go directly to One Love Rescue!

If you would like to help fundraise for One Love, it would mean the world to us and the dogs! Click here to discuss your plans or if you want some ideas.